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Welcome to Comida For Familias, Inc!

Comida For Familias, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) fundamental research organization that aides in the scientific education of college or university students.

Mission Statement

Our vision for Comida For Familias, Inc. is to provide practical education and training under experienced mentors while producing meaningful impacts in various areas including, but not limited to food insecurity, climate change, and education. We wish to build a community of like-minded individuals looking to expand their abilities and put them to good use.

Our Exempt Purposes


Our primary purpose is dedicated to scientific activities. The activity codes that we focus on are U40 (Engineering & Technology) and U41 (Computer Science).


The activities we focus on for our educational purpose are codes K40 (Nutrition), B80 (Student Services), and J22 (Job Training).


Charitable activities we do follow codes T50 (Philanthropy, Charity, and Volunteerism Promotion) and U12 (Fundraising and Fund Distribution).

What you will Get


Get consistent guidance and learn industry best practices by connecting with experienced mentors.


Gain access to professional tools like Figma, UserTesting, and Apple Developer accounts to develop your skills.


Find like-minded individuals to collaborate with, learn from, and grow alongside.


Grow your skills within and beyond your role with presentations about user research, design, engineering, and more.

How it Works

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Step 1: Register Online

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Step 2: Go through orientation

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Step 3: Decide and plan on your activity

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Step 4: Recieve tools and resources to accomplish your objectives

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Step 5:

Collaborate with likeminded individuals and mentors

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Step 6:

Complete activity and add to your experiences

When you should contact us

Comida For Familias, Inc. is readily available to have any speaking arrangements from a wide range of topics. Schedule an appearance with us today! If you plan to affiliate with us, describe in detail any activities that you have planned.

Contact Information:

131 Sunset Ave, Suite E, PMB 254, Suisun City, 94585, CA


[email protected]

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